Cubby Kitchen

When my friend first gave us the cubby, she also gave use the play kitchen that was inside. I’m sure that if it had stayed at their place where the cubby was under cover it may have lasted a little longer. With the cubby not being weathertight, they kitchen slowly started to deteriorate. So, boys and I started to plan.

The requirements (as told to me by the boys)

  • A sink
  • An oven but it has to have two shelves for more cooking
  • A bit that you can cook on top of (stovetop)
  • Place to put stuff
  • A fridge

So with this in my mind I measured and drew up they plan.

The original idea was to build the frame out of new wood from the hardware store and use leftover wood from past projects to finish it off but due to Covid-19, stage 4 restrictions here in melbourne, it’s made entirely from wood we had lying around. So, the plan ended up being more of a guide.

Stage 1 was made out of parts taken from the old archway that the children never played with, they were 4 pieces all of similar length and were perfect(ish) for the width of the kitchen. I also used parts from a wooden chair that I had planned to take apart and fix but there wasn’t enough to put the chair back together (they are the evenly painted parts).

I used the basic shape idea and just tried to cut them to the same lengths. Some of the woods were bowed so to bring them together I had to use a strap to pull them together.

We broke down a pallet and puzzled together the bench top. I found a container that also fitted perfectly for the sink. The back splash was made with the back for the chair that I had taken apart.

So, they started playing with it before I could even finish.

We finished it off with the tap and the stove plates from the old cubby kitchen.

Final location

Still not finished. We need more wood to make the oven and the fridge under the stovetop and sink.

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