Propagation trail – Seeds

As part of my horticulture course I have a propagation assignment, testing different types of propagation techniques and conditions.

Come follow my journey and see what we can learn together…

Seed information and Propagation techniques to follow.

Seed Information

Week 1

I planted: Sugar snap peas, Cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, Spinach and Rockmelon

Common Name: Cumber
Botanical name: Cucumis Sativus
Origin/distribution: South Asia
Habit: Vine
Height and spread: 1mx1m
Emerge: 6-10 days
Requirements: Warm/well drained soil, full sun
Desired characteristics: Vegetable
Plant access: Store bought packet
Common Name:   Rockmelon / Cantaloupe
Botanical name:  Cucumis melo
Origin/distribution:  It is thought to be South Asia/ Africa
Habit:  Vine
Height and spread:    Large
Requirements:   Warm/well drained soil, full sun  
Desired characteristics:   Fruit
Plant access: Seed clean and dried from store bought rockmelon

Propagation techniques

Two Groups:


Planting day
This group will be left on their own

Mini Greenhouse

Products used

Purchased from
  • Mini Greenhouses – Bunnings
  • Seed Trays – Bunnings
  • Water Spray bottle – Ikea
  • Seed Raising Mix – Diaco’s

This is not a sponsored post – I just really like shopping at Diaco’s and Bunnings

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