Using Playdoh In Childcare and Kinder during COVID-19

Across that child care services that I have been visiting during the COVID-19 outbreak, I have heard the question: How can we get playdoh back into our plans? – I have put the benefits of Playdoh in my playdoh recipe post here.

A lot of Centres and Kinders have taken extra steps to stop the spread of germs above and beyond their regular practices and this has resulted in some group activities such as playdoh being removed.

But one Kindergarten Service has found a way to bring it back. They just made individual playdoh bags. Now this won’t work in all rooms across a centre but Kinder and Pre-Kinder rooms could defiantly benefit from it. I’m sure with the right team working together it could also work with the younger ages but be more teacher guided.

The How’s and the additional educational value to doing this

  • For a group of approximately 26 children you will need at least 3 batches of Playdoh.
    • At first the thought of making so many batches may seem like an overwhelming amount but I would guess that over a term most services would make more then that. So in the long run it may actually be less.
  • Named individual bags can help the children with letter recognition and recognising their name.
  • It adds an extra cognitive and fine motor element with the children having to concentrate on opening and closing the bags themselves
    • This can take some time but once the children work out how to do it themselves they are very proud. So, it can help build confidence too.
  • The playdoh can last longer
  • It gives the children added responsibility.
    • If they don’t pack their own playdoh away properly and it goes hard they won’t have any more to play with. A simple action and consequence example for them to understand.
  • No more ugly colour because they all got mixed together.
  • A take home present at the end of term. (if it lasts that long)

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