My Little Seacret

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My Story & Why I chose Seacret

I have had eczema and super dry skin for most of my life, like most I struggled with getting my skin clear or at least not itchy.

I use the Cortisone cream that doctor gives me when I have a bad flare up but I have only had to use it once or twice since I started using the products in 2017 (or was is 2016?).

At one point I had eczema in my hair, that turned out to be because of Pantene shampoo but have been told since by hair dressers that it was most likely the cause. And that was before I started to dye my hair. Having eczema on my scalp really sucked for me because I wanted to dye my hair, which I do now constantly. Since I stated using the Seacret Hair products my hair has been amazing and is now super long.
During my 2nd pregnancy, I didn’t get the lush pretty hair of my first pregnancy, My hair was falling out, dry and brittle, I contribute it surviving to these products. Even when I though brushing it would snap it right off, the brush with the serum kept it looking nice.

Watch this space for more of my story and photos… out my Seacret Skin Care Range…

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