The sleep battle continues…

So, even though my last post about number 2 not sleeping has been over a year. I would love to report that things have changed, I would love to tell you that he is a beautiful sleeper now… But that wouldn’t be true.

After our day stay at tweddle (sleep school) his day sleeps have become so much better and he sleeps for at least an hour and a half during the day. The night sleeps, I guess, did improve slightly after the 3 night stay program (supposed to be 4 nights but the boys got sick). But our nights are always interrupted at least once.

Some nights he will co-sleep but that always ends up with me at the osteo with my neck and neck stuffed up.

Things we have tried:

  • Comfort toy (Rubble)
  • Soothing sound you that turns off after 10 mins and turns back on if they call it during the night.
  • Weighted blanket (once he turned two and we knew he could lift it)
  • Swapping rooms/own room
  • Co-sleeping
  • Gro clock
  • Extra days at childcare (when we can afford it)
  • Sleep overs at grandparents (coz sometimes we just need to sleep uninterrupted)

And all had short term wins but nothing has stuck. We are currently waiting for our spot at the Children’s Hospital sleep clinic but that’s a 12month waiting list. So, hopefully by November 2020 we’ll be there but with everything going on in the world (covid-19 restrictions) and the current rate of shitty things happening in the world this year…. Well you just don’t know.

Tonight’s night two of trying to get him back in his cot after a 10 day strip of co-sleeping and it seems to be going ok. He settled quicker then last night but I’m still up at 2:30am. There is a thunder storm going on so I’m not really following our sysstem to get him resettled in his bed but well we have to adapt.

The system we use:

  • Night 1- when they wake, stay in the room and settle them anyway you can
  • Night 2- when they wake, settle them in the cot, don’t take them out but cuddle and everything in the cot. Kiss them, say good night, lay them down and leave the room for short times for them to help them self-sooth. But listen to the cries. When it goes from just whinge to a full “I need you cry” go in and repeat.
  • Night 3 – same as night 2 don’t take them out of the cot give them a quick kiss, lay them down and leave. Try to leave longer between going in. If they are quiet don’t go in to check on them, take it as a win.
  • Night 4 – might only need a good night from the door, most of the time they have settled back into their for by now.

But I don’t follow these strictly because every child it different sand waking for different reasons. I just ask haven’t figured out his. Like I said, tonight there is a thunderstorm so even though it’s night 2, I’m staying in the room but I haven’t gotten him out of the cot, just a quick stand-up cuddle (he’s standing in his cot and I’m leaning over the edge) kiss on his head. I patted the bed until he was calm and then say on the chair in the room (and decided to write this). He hates blankets, even before we got the weighted one but we know he is settled when he lets us out it on him or if he asks for it. So, tonight, after 45mins I think it might be safe to leave the room… To me that’s a win because last night was 2hrs of settling.

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