My sustainable journey

Starting to compost

So, over the past 12 mouths or so, I feel like I have been on a journey. It first started as a was to save money, be frugal, but also to let out my creativity, that crossed with my new love affair with gardening, has made me come to realize is that I have actually developed a passion for becoming sustainable.

Dust bowl

It stated when we moved to our home, with a back yard that I could actually garden in. I began by working the soil and trying to turn my garden from a dust bowl into something that I could be proud of.

With 2 boys in nappies,you can imagine just how much waste that we had in our house, our bin was over flowing each week and it drove us insane. Our recycle bin was also full at every pickup.

My girl friend and I were talking about it because her love of gardened seemed to be growing to and we were looking into getting compost bins. But me being a tight arse (frugal, that’s the word that I have been told sound better) had to research the best possible price because some compost bins and worm farms are expensive. I was looking into ways that I could build one when my friend put me on to compost revolution. She got 80% off her products because of her council but at the time mine was not part of it. So I sulked and kept digging the food scraps into my garden beds but that didn’t capture enough of our food waste and the rest was going into landfill.

A couple of months later, my council finally caught on. Not only did they have the 80% off but they also had workshops (so wish that I could have made it to them).

So I have actually now started to use a compost bin and my garden can’t wait to get using it in my garden.

I am now going to look at getting the animal poop composter… I’m sick of now having anywhere to put the poop. There has to be a better way then to bag it and bin it.

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