Sorting Games

My boys are 2 and 4, and they are obsessed with sorting things. My obsession with trying to be more environmentally friendly combined with their skills, we set up a recycling sorting station.

The reject shop had these small 32L wheelie bins for sale, and I thought they were great for this.

The bins were separated into:

  • soft plastics
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Plastic & Glass
  • Metals
  • General rubbish
  • Organics
  • Bread tags
  • Batteries
  • e-waste

What I do with them/ Where I take them?

The Soft plastics get taken to the Redcycle bins at the supermarkets
Cardboard and paper:

  • without the shiny gets riped up and put in the compost when it’s too wet.
  • Gets used in arts and crafts
  • Get using in the garden as weed matting under the mulch.

Plastic & Glass: Plastics get used for arts and crafts & some glass gets used for plant cuttings.
Metals & cans: Put in recycling
General rubbish: Put in the general rubbish bin
Organics: into the compost or worm farm
Bread tags: I’m looking at sending them to Aussie Bread Tags of Wheelchairs but at the moment they are getting used for play.
Batteries: Gets taken to Aldi and dropped off to the battery disposal.
E-Waste: Gets taken to the local council drop off.

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