Sleep… tell her she’s dreaming…

You’d think that after a whole month of following the sleep school tactics we’d be home free, sleeping all day naps and all through the night…. HA! Not for us, his sleeping has at least got better; even with the set backs. Day sleeps have definitely gotten better, he will fall asleep on his own and they said that once that happens night will get better, most of the time. I love not being part of most of the time… jk… It’s hard to convey sarcasm when writing.

There, there mummy. It’s ok

We have our maternal health centre nurse appointment this week so in going to ask for a referral for the overnight sleep clinic. Don’t get me wrong, it did improve slightly. Most nights he is only waking up once or twice and we have even had two nights with 8 hours but it’s had slowly been creeping back to more and more. To the point when the other night, I slept in the trundle bed and every time he woke I just stuck my hand in cot and he would curl up on it and go back to sleep.

Bye, bye study

After that particularly bad night, I finally agreed with my hubby that the boys needed separate rooms. Trying to get the two of then to sleep at night is nearly impossible, then keeping them asleep while the other one plays around, it’s not happening. One would fall asleep and the other would wake up, disrupting each other’s sleep. I think number 1 wants to just take up residence in our bed so he can asleep.

I had always wanted them to share. From what I read and researched, sharing rooms was supposed help them sleep better and have a better bond. Once again, not for us. Mind you, I don’t think I have to worry about them bonding… there is no lack of love between them.

So, it has begun, the second or maybe third culling of stuff from the house since we move in last year. The house has been an absolute mess for a week but it with things getting thrown out and other things waiting for their new spots to go into. But it’s finally done. Not quite the pinterest worth space yet but it’s working for now… Just you wait until I have time to paint and decorate properly…

*update: see the maternal health nurse and our referral has been sent!!!

Things that may help you.

Think you’re tired, check out this chick. She’s 19 and adopted 14 kids… that’s crazy, but the good kind of crazy.
Lavender Oil in a burner or just a few drops on the pillow
I’re read it and it’s techniques have worked for many families that I worked with.

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