Cubby cake

This is something that I whipped up (trying to make it sound easy but it was harder than I thought it was going to be).
So watching Nailed It and I thought “I can do so much better than that.” (as you do when watching that sort of thing on the TV)
Well, you can be the judge.

I based it on the cubby house that I had fixed up for my son (see post

I started with homemade Rice Bubble Slice then added a layer of strawberry jam.
I then added the store bought sponges and layered jam and cream between them.
I cut 1/3 off the last slice off and stacked it at the top so I would have less to cut off.
I sliced down the sides to create the roof. I used a serrated knife and slowly cut (all while yelling at my husband to stop laughing at my concentration face, I didn’t want it all to slip off.)
I covered it in butter cream (also packet). This was the first time I had ever used it and probably needed to stop saying it like the French judge on Nailed It.
So, I was told that using fondant was just like using play dough.
IT’S A LOT HARDER. Well it was for me, also I totally underestimated how much I would need.
I bought the black fondant because I thought it would be a total disaster for me to try and colour it black myself
Now for the detailing
I did colour the side panels, just to see if I could.
Ta Dah!!!!
It actually tasted amazing!!!!

Drop me a comment with what you think. I’d love to hear it. (but be gentle, I am just a rookie in this game)

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