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Cashrewards vs Shopback


I have been using cashrewards for about 2 years now and I thought it was pretty good, the offers to Australian stores wasn’t the greatest but it has definitely grown now has slowly opened up to more and more Australian sites and businesses.

Using this site has really helped with my Christmas budget, as I hold my rewards and only bank them in late November. The first year I had about $40 which isn’t much but covers a present or two. Last year it was $120 so nearly a xmas food shop.

Depending on where you shop You may only get as little as 1% to 6% per shop but over 12 months builds up. They even run the occasional bonus offers. It comes with a plugin for your browser so that if you are on a website that is associated with it, it can let you know. There is also an app now, so you can see more bonuses when shopping from your tablet or phone.

I use it whenever we order take away as UberEats and Menulog plus others are on there (that’s why I always offer to do the order)

I just came across it for doing my Colesonline grocery shop and thought yay this will make this year’s Xmas pay out even better… But it pays to read the fine print… New customers only… Bah!

Woolworths online in the other hand gets about 1.5% not bad.

Shopback the new player (well to me)

I have only just discovered this one and it looks to have a lot more Australian companies and much larger cashback rewards when compared to Cashrewards. It runs in the same way and even has the plugin for your browser, so now I can easily compare which site is giving the higher cashback. Shopbacks app is also easy to navigate and makes shopping with them so easy.

Coles online isn’t on there but Woolworths online is. This site has a 2.5% cashback and it links to many of the similar sites.
Even if your weekly shop is only $100 that’s $130 cash back over the year and fantastic for holding until Christmas.


Both sites have referral bonuses to help boost your savings. So whatever you choose don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Cashrewards referral:

If you join using this referral, we’ll both earn $5 when you make your first transaction of $20 or more.

Shopback referral:

If you join using this referral, we’ll both earn $5 when you make your first transaction of $20 or more.

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