The Cubby house journey

Before and after

Looking at getting my boys a Cubby looked like it was going to be an extra expensive present but that was until my friend offered me the one at her new house! I was like yes, but then no then back to yes. First yes was like yay amazing and it can be a project that we can all work on together. The no was the do we really have time to do it. This swing kept happening up until a month to Xmas then I was back to the HELL YES!


So the journey of the house began 3 weeks before Xmas when the boys were told “Santa delivered the present early so that Mummy could paint it the right colours. Santa couldn’t choose.”

We hitched up the trailer and lifted it on. Then took the longest 5min journey to its new home.

Thinking 3 weeks would be plenty of time to sand and paint, boy was I wrong. Thanks Melbourne weather! It was either boiling hot or bucketing rain.

We were gonna try and keep it covered until Xmas but it was never gonna work.

I started by removing the details and on managed to sand it all in one hit and cover it again… Because it then rained for the next couple of days.

My little helper, checking my work

It was getting too close to Xmas, so I had to bring the detail bits under cover to sand (took forever coz I had to do it by hand, being so fiddly) and managed to rope the kids into it too.

Patrick working on his gross motor skills. Learning to stand up and copying my actions.

The kids loved being involved, even my family day care kids got involved.

Finally got the undercoat on!

A few late nights and the undercoat was done. I used a 4in1 sealer and undercoat. I only did one coat because the tinted paint also had a primer in it.

Painting the door inside the house.
Aidan’s handy work painting the inside of the Cubby. He used white poster paint but thought it was the same as mine.
This was how much we got done by Christmas day.
It took another 3 weeks but I finally finished the outside.

It felt kind of wobbly so I went to the hardware store and was going to buy some wood but they had some offcuts that were perfect! FREE is the best price.

The kids help fix the kitchen that was also given with the Cubby.

Cost breakdown:

  • Cubby: free
  • Paint $150 (including undercoat)
  • Extra timber: free
  • Grass floor: $10

This project it still being continued…

Cubby Upgrade


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